A COVID-19 Urgent Service Provider Support Tool

A Free Tool for Donors and Funders, Built Using BCT Partners’ Equitable Impact Platform (EquIP)


CUSP A free insight tool designed to find and evaluate the capacity of nonprofit direct service providers closest to the communities in greatest need, particularly those most directly affected by COVID-19. CUSP helps donors (a) identify the communities that have the greatest needs, including those where the Coronavirus cases and deaths are the highest, prioritizing the communities of color that are getting hit the hardest; (b) find the direct service providers – those serving individuals, children, youth and families – that are most accessible to these communities; and (c) share the financial needs of these front line organizations.

BCT Partners BCT works with government agencies, corporations, foundations, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions, and is one of the leading firms in the country with expertise in the following markets: housing and community development, economic development, workforce development, children and families, health, education, and diversity and inclusion. BCT has been recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Management Consulting Firms, CIO Techie as one of the Most Trusted Government Technology Firms, and the Black Enterprise BE100 list as one of the nation’s largest African American-owned businesses.

EquIP A proprietary big data platform built to assess, evaluate, and study the nonprofit sector’s contribution to equitable community improvement. EquIP combines data from IRS990 tax forms, the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, with BCT's geospatial Precision Analytics, to (a) identify the communities in greatest need, prioritizing marginalized communities; (b) find the nonprofit organizations that are most accessible to these communities; and (c) provide data-driven insights to donors and funders about the financial health and needs of these organizations, to ensure their support leads to equity.

Frequently Asked Questions
We have created a list of various FAQs to help you get started with CUSP and use it like a pro.
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We are working constantly to improve CUSP, please leave a feedback to make a suggestion.
We are working constantly to improve CUSP, please leave a feedback to make a suggestion.